All of the equipment used by R7 during an investigation is safe for your home or property. We are simply using technology to monitor and record the events that we experience.  Below is a list of the items we use during an investigation.  If you have are interested in having R7 investigate your property and you have concerns over the technology we use, we are happy to discuss in further detail.


Digital Voice Recorders


Model / Specifications

  • Olympus WS110
  • Olympus


Used to capture noises that we hear and sometimes noises that we donít hear (referred to as EVPís). Noises will often include voices, footsteps, banging, or other indications of movement.  The objective is to have recorded audio evidence of an event.


Infrared Cameras


  • Plexdata PX-IR60WP

60 infrared LED

Adopt Sony 1/4 CCD

Used to capture video in normal, low light or complete darkness at long range. These cameraís are left to run in a fixed location during the investigation. The objective is to capture video evidence of an event Often used in combination with a digital voice recorder to link both audio and video evidence to an event.


Digital Video Cameras


  • Sony DCR-TRV520
  • Sony CCD-TRV16
  • Sony

Used to capture video in normal, low light or complete darkness at short range. All are equipped with infrared apability.  These cameraís are often carried with an investigator to capture video evidence of a personal exprience.  They may be left at a fixed loaction as well depending on the circumstances.


Digital Photo Cameras


  • Kodak Z712IS
  • Olympus FE-360
  • Cannon Powershot S2 IS

Used to capture photographic evidence of objects we see and sometimes donít see.  Investigations normally occur in complete darkness.  Flash photography can often capture visual eveidence of an object we otherwise would not have seen.


EMF Meter


  • Lutron EMF-823
  • K2 EMF

Electromagnetic Field Radiation Tester (EMF).  Measures the presence and strength of electromagnetic fields.  It is believed that paranormal activity chnages the level of electromagnetic fields.


Infrared Thermometer


  • Mastercool 52224

Used to capture the temperature of solid objects Allows temperature to be taken from a distance without contact with the object by using infrared technology.

Other  Equipment

  • Compass
  • 2-way Radios
  • Flashlights
  • VCR
  • Monitors

About us: R7 Paranormal provides parnaormal research (or ghost hunting) in Rochester, Syracuse, Geneva, and the finger lakes region of New York State.