The Investigation Process

1. Pre-investigation interview: Basic information collection regarding you experiences.   Provides you the opportunity to make sure we are the right team for your needs.

2. Investigation day interview: More detailed discussion of your paranormal experiences and tour of your location.

3. The Investigation:  We will spend approximately 7-8 hours at your location to complete an investigation. All investigations are conducted during the night. Every investigation will be different and we will work with you to establish the timelines for the investigation. We require time to complete an interview/tour, equipment set-up, and the investigation

4. Forms: Throughout this process, there will be a set of forms to complete. These forms will insure our client’s privacy is protected while also providing the R7 team with the necessary information to assist you. See the R7 Form Page.

Expectations of the property owner:

  • It is recommended that the client be on-site during the investigation
  • Provide full access to the investigation team
  • Prefer children and/or additional family members not be present.

For complete details, view our investigation briefing document

Compete or Cooperate?

We are happy to cooperate with other regional or national paranormal research organizations. Our only criterion is that these groups conduct themselves with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and expect all other organizations to do the same.

R7 Procedures

The procedures used by R7 during an investigation are designed to insure the integrity of our conclusions.The goal is to either find physical evidence of paranormal activity or put forward an alternate “non paranormal“ explanation. The R7 team is diligent in following these guiding principles:

  • All equipment is time synchronized.
  • Locations of all investigators is documented via audio recording and paper logs.
  • All investigator movement is communicated via 2 way radio (and logged)
  • All personal experiences are confirmed to not be other investigators
  • During evidence review, all potential findings are compared to time logs and investigator movement to confirm no contamination.

We are in the process documenting our SOP (standard operating procedure). When complete, the SOP will be available on our website for clients and other research organizations to use as reference.

R7 Code of Ethics

R7 investigators commit to the highest level of personal integrity and respect for our clients, private property, and public property. The R7 code:

  • We will not enter private property without written consent of our clients
  • We will not enter public lands without proper notice and approval from public officials
  • Use of inappropriate language is not acceptable
  • All evidence will be presented without enhancement or modification.

About us: R7 Paranormal provides parnaormal research (or ghost hunting) in Rochester, Syracuse, Geneva, and the finger lakes region of New York State.