Why choose R7 for an investigation? The most important thing is that you choosea group you are comfortable with and best fits your situation.  It may not be R7. We are happy to discuss our background, beliefs, and methods in detail to insure you are comfortable with our approach. Be assured that if you invite R7 into your home:

  • We are committed to the highest level of client satisfaction.
  • We are a focused professional team that approaches the investigation in a logical and unbiased manner.
  • We are active members in our communities and believe personal integrity is our most critical value

Why is your team so small? Compared to some other organizations, we are small.  It is really about our goals and approach.  We want dedicated team members we can trust. Plus, we want to control the investigation site to insure we can rley on our evidence.  If you come across a team that wants to bring 20 people to your home, you might want to question thier approach.  We have been on large investigations and they are practically useless.

Is the equipment you use cause any danger to me or my family? No.  The equipment is a combination of everyday stuff (camera’s, flashlights) and some specialized equipment (EMF meters). All of our equipment simply monitors the environment around us. For more details, see our equipment page.


About us: R7 Paranormal provides parnaormal research (or ghost hunting) in Rochester, Syracuse, Geneva, and the finger lakes region of New York State.