Our approach to paranormal investigation relies on process discipline and technology.  The founders of R7 each have 20+ years experience managing and developing technology driven businesses. Their professional experience managing complex technology and teams of technology professionals is invaluable to the paranormal research process.

Tim K - Founder (Syracuse, NY)

Bill M - Founder (Rochester, NY)

Barry S - Technical Manager (Buffalo, NY

Mark H - Investigator (Syracuse, NY)

Judi K - Investigator (Utica, NY)

Do you believe your property to be haunted?  Are you experiencing phenomenon you cannot explain. The R7 Paranormal Research team can help.  We provide paranormal (or ghost hunting) investigations in Rochester, Syracuse, and the finger lakes regions of NY state.

The R7 team is dedicated to the professional and scientific analysis of potential paranormal activity. We enter our investigations with an open mind to all possibilities. We will first attempt to eliminate all possible natural phenomenon prior to considering an event paranormal. We are committed to the highest levels of personal integrity.  We are happy to participate with any other paranormal research organizations as long as they are of high personal integrity. If you are interested in working with the R7 team on joint investigation projects, feel free to contact us at info@r7paranormal.com